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Photo by Tomoko Suwa

Who we are
A2-Type is a new type foundry
set up by the London based design
studio A2/SW/HK. Established
to release and distribute over
a decade’s worth of specially
crafted typefaces the foundry
offers access to a unique collection
of fonts. Launching in Autumn
2010 with a selection of 15 fonts specially created for print, screen
and environment.

Scott and Henrik are members
of Alliance Graphique Internationale, AGI. Read more here

Our first commercial typeface
New Rail Alphabet was designed
in collaboration with Margaret

Henrik will be talking about the development of New Rail Alphabet
at this years ATypI 'The word' conference in Dublin, 8–12 September, 2010.

Download New Rail Alphabet Specimen here:

The International Review of Graphic
Design #79 Spring 2011
features our Typewriter
font throughout the whole
publication, headlines, pull quotes,
text and captions. Check out
Typewriter in 3 weights here:

Typeface award 2015: A2-TYPE
custom fonts and Pictogram system
for Moscow Metro.
by City ID and Moscow Department
of Transport, DOT. Winner! of a Graphite Pencil in this years D&AD
Global Awards Scheme.

Typeface award 2014: A2-TYPE
custom fonts for The Independent
Newspaper and associated
Winner! of a Yellow
Pencil in this years D&AD
Global Awards Scheme.

A whole FOUR of our typefaces were selected as 'Typefaces of 2011' by
Read the reviews here (click the type above). Thank you to Stefan Hattenbach, Mark Simonson, Jügen Siebert and the lovely Marian Bantjes. Antwerp: 5 weights + Italics, A2 Beckett: 6 weights, Dane: 6 weights, Outsiders: 7 weights + Italics. All fonts have extended character sets.

Our typefaces
A2 Beckett, Danmark, London, Monday, New Rail Alphabet, Outsiders & Typewriter are all featured in Type Navigator – The Independent Foundries Handbook
by Jan Middendorp &

September 10, 2011: Kubel is showing his Antwerp typeface(s)*

as part of the 'De magie van het
letter-ontwerpen' exhibition at
the fantastic and very important
Plantin-Moretus Museum in Belgium.
Click here to read more.

*Antwerp, a family of text faces especially crafted for publications
will be available from A2-TYPE
in five weights in late September.
The face is also featured on
the amazing eye magazine blog
'Type Tuesday' Click here to
read more.

Creative Review TOP FIVE fonts
February 2011: Our font Vogue
was selected as Number 2.

About A2's Type design — By John walters, Eye No. 76

A2’s bespoke type design is mainly
the responsibility of Henrik Kubel,
though every typeface is developed
and approved by both partners.
Kubel is self-taught, making his
first typefaces while studying at Denmark’s Design School from
1992-97. Though he had drawn
letters since he was twelve, it was
the discovery of Fontographer that
sparked his passion for type design.
‘At that time there were no schools that were teaching type design,’ says
Kubel. ‘Now we have Reading, and
the courses in Holland. But we were
young, and embracing everything!
It was a way of claiming your
identity.’ His immersion in computer
design led him to stop drawing by hand for a while but he regained
his drawing skills back while at the Royal College in 1998. ‘The tools
that every type designer has now
are just amazing.

Continue reading...

Paul Shaw picks his 5 favourite
fonts from our collection

The 15 fonts cover a wide range
of styles from 19th-century grots
to delicate didones. There's even
a set of fleurons and a typewriter
font named A2 Flowers and A2
Typewriter, respectively—what else
are you going to call them? The
former is an odd mix of decorative
ornaments reminiscent of the
asterisks and snowflakes of ITC
Zapf Dingbats, Art Deco numerals,
Bodoni numerals, pointing fists and
calligraphic squiggles. The latter
is based on an Olivetti Lettera 22
typewriter face. The sans serifs
include Grot 10, Klampenborg,
Battersea, CWM, and Aveny-T, while
the serif faces include CPH Tram
(essentially a sans with tiny spur
serifs as in Copperplate Gothic),
A2 Impacto (a slab serif), FM
(a chamfered slab serif), Monday
(a transitional design in the English
vernacular manner) and Vogue
Floral (a slightly curly modern
face)... Read more

A2-TYPE is selected as part
of Top 10 Typographic Events
of 2010

Recently, I profiled the new type
foundry A2-Type, a venture of
Henrik Kubel and Scott Williams
of the design firm A2/SW/HK on
this site. Since then, they have teamed up with
to release more than 30 more fonts.
Its debut is the strongest of the
year... Read more plus the rest
of the top 10.



  Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2016 Results. A2-TYPE custom
fonts for The New York Times
Magazine has been announced
winner of the prestigeous
Grand Prix Award.

Henrik Kubel gave a talk in
Barcelona at ELISAVA, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering.
Kubel joined a long list of
esteemed design practitioners
and colleagues from around the
world including Karel Martens,
Tobias Frere-Jones, Sonya
Dyakov, Mark Porter, Ken Garland
and Natasha Jen.

New Perspectives in Typography

500 colour illustrations
304 pages
245 x 190 mm
ISBN 9781780673066
Published September 2015

A sophisticated collection
of typographic design, edited by
A2/SW/HK, showcases more than
100 carefully selected contemporary
designers, including the best
examples of their current work,
and also features an introduction
by Rick Poynor and essays by acclaimed design writers Emily
King, Paul Shaw, Monika Parrinder
and Colin Davies that explore
the past and future of type design.

Featured designers include
Michael Bierut, Experimental Jetset,
Scott King, Cornel Windlin,
Hort, karlssonwilker inc.,
Stefan Sagmeister, Fuel, Gavillet
& Rust, De Designpolitie and
Richard Turley among others.

YCN_Annual design competition.
A nomination led design award programme. A2-TYPE are proud
to receive this prestigious award
for our suite of custom fonts for
The New York Times Magazine.
Read about the awards and see the other winners here:

New Transport
Sheffield Design Week 2015
Custom made sign for anniversary
This year's event
coincides with the 50th anniversary
of the launch of Jock Kinnear
and Margaret Calvert's road signage
system. To celebrate, Made North
has commissioned 50 designers
from Jonathan Barnbrook to Kubel,
Spin, Mike Dempsey and Mark
Bonner to create their own version
of the road sign. Read more here

New Transport is out! Designed
by Margaret Calvert & Henrik Kubel.
Read more on Typetoken.
NOTE: New Transport is the only
official digital version of Transport lettering approved by its original
designer Margaret Calvert. The fonts
are distributed worldwide exclusively
by A2–TYPE in London. Please
If you would like to receive a printed specimen then please email your address to: info[at]

Henrik Kubel is speaking in
Australia, Melbourne at this years
ideasondesign conference.
A workshop on type and lettering
is also planned. Details soon.
Click logo to order tickets and
to read more.

Our A23D typeface / letterpress alphabet has been honored with
a 2015 New York Type Directors
Watch the movie here!

Typeface Award: Tokyo TDC
Annual Awards 2015. A2-TYPE
custom fonts for The Independent
Newspaper and associated
magazines has been announced Winner of the prestigeous Type Design Prize in Tokyo.

Typeface Award: Tokyo TDC
Annual Awards 2015. A2-TYPE's
A23D letterpress alphabet for
New North Press has been awarded
in this years annual competition.
Watch the movie here!

BRASIL! Poster featuring A2 BRASIL
alphabet designed (ripped out
of an old brown envelope) by
Henrik Kubel for AGI Special Project.
This year's poster exhibition will
take place at a very special venue,
the Museu da Língua Portuguesa
(Museum of the Portuguese
Language). Each member also commissioned a poster from
a former student to be displayed
alongside their own. Henrik Kubel
choose Geetika Alok, taught by
Kubel at Royal College of Art and
collaborator on A2-TYPE Wallpaper*
display font 'INDIA'.

Henrik is speaking at this years
AGI Open in São Paulo.
18—19 August
Confirmed Speakers / Palestrantes Confirmados: Philippe Apeloig,
Michel Bouvet, Vince Frost, António Silveira Gomes, Nikki Gonnissen,
Fons Hickmann, Max Kisman,
Henrik Kubel, L. Ramalho &
A. Rebelo, Ahn Sang-Soo, Paula Scher, US, Niklaus Troxler, Henning Wagenbreth, Marina Willer...

Paul Shaw – Helvetica and the New York City Subway System. Lecture
at Royal College of Art, 25 February at 14:30. Stevens Building, PAL 1st Floor. All welcome. Poster featuring
a preview of our new font New Grotesk Five and Seven. Poster designed by A2/SW/HK.

Typewriter Italics have finally been added to our A2-Typewriter family
of fonts. 3 weights available.

New Transport
Henrik will give a lecture on recent
fonts at TDC, Type Directors Club
in NYC
. The talk will focus on his
work as a partner of London based
design and typography studio
A2/SW/HK + A2-TYPE – specifically
the history of Transport Alphabet
and Kubel's close collaboration
with Margaret Calvert on the design
of New Transport™. Henrik will also
discuss a recent Newspaper font
project which the studio have just
finished work on. Lecture is
7 November at 6:30 at TDC

New Transport
Type Tuesday: Henrik Kubel,
'New work, new fonts,
New Transport'
— Tuesday 4 June
2013 — Eye magazine hosts another
informal evening for designers
and typographers.

Henrik will be speaking at Typo
Berlin this May. New fonts and projects!

Henrik will be speaking at Typo
London this October
. Other
speakers includes: Bibliothèque,
Sara de Bondt, Anthony Burrill,
Tony Chambers, Erik Kessels,
Hjalti Karlsson, Eike König,
Vaughan Oliver, Lucienne Roberts,
Freda Sack and many more
great names...

CELEBRATE — TDC turns 65!
A2-TYPE is featured on page
48. It's a detail of an old 10 meter
long wood sign from our private
collection. The full sign reads:

Wallpaper* Handmade 2012:
Custom Cover — Cover design for
Wallpaper*. Check out all of the
amazing work by collegues such
as Margaret Calvert, Anthon Burrill,
Rob Ryan, Alan Kitching, Kam Tang,
Nigel Robinson, Hort and many

We are VERY proud to announce
our partnership with esteemed
NYC based type foundry VILLAGE.
will distribute our fonts in America and across Europe starting with our classic text face Antwerp!

The ABCs of A2: An Interview with Henrik Kubel
by Martin Salazar

was selected for TOKYO
TDC Awards Annual 2012 along with
our typeface specimen which also
won a Certificate of Typographic
Excellence from Type Directors Club
in NYC 2012.

Henrik is giving 2 lectures in Switzerland next week: FHNW
HGK Basel Visual Communication
in Basel, 9 November
2011 — and at the Syndicom Gewerkschaft Medien und Kommunikation conference
in Bern, 12 November.

Winner!!! New Rail Alphabet
Margaret Calvert & Henrik Kubel
win prestigeous type design award
in ATyp2011 typeface competition 'letter.2' for their New Rail Alphabet
Check out the rest of the winners

is featured in detail on the
lovely Typetoken blog, click image
to read the full story. The face will
be released end of November 2011

AGI Open Barcelona, 3—4 October
2011 — Henrik Kubel has been
invited to speak.
Other speakers
include: Michael Bierut, Nicholas
Blechman Irma Boom, Tony Brook,
Kyle Cooper, William Drenttel,
Mário Feliciano, Isidro Ferrer,
James Goggin, Joost Grootens,
Jessica Helfand, Steven Heller,
Angus Hyland, Chip Kidd, Anette
Lenz, Lars Müller, Javier Mariscal,
Christoph Niemann, Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Sahre, Ahn
Sang-Soo, Paula Scher, Pierre di
Sciullo, jan Wilker & Marina Willer.

Read more here:

New Typeface specimen out now!
July 2011. Beautifully printed in
Riso by Ditto Press.
typefaces such as our brand new
text type family 'Antwerp' (preview
only, to be released in Autumn
2011), Aveny-T now in 11 weights, Ergonomics and Boing to name
a few. Download your digital
version of our publication here:

Making headlines for Wallpaper*
Magazine 'Reborn in India' issue,
June 2011.
In collaboration with
Geetika Alok we were commissioned
to develod a headline display
typeface in two weights for our
favourite designinteriorsfashionart
lifestyle magazine! View more
images here:

Our typeface specimen wins
prize at Type Directors Club
in New York 2011

Download A2-TYPE Specimen










The New York Times Magazine
Special Issue: Music, 25 Songs!
A2-TYPE New Grotesk Round fonts
(Please enquire within) takes center
stage - cover included!!!

This special issue has been beautifully
designed and features New Grotesk
Round throughout - The font has
been smartly applied with its many
weights (7) interlocking, giving it
a contemporary feel of letterpress!
A nice subtle reference to the origin
of our design. Click on the image
to explore the digital version of the

Lecture March 2016. Poster design
by legendary illustrator and image
maker Nigel Robinson.
Bath School of Art and Design.
Bath Spa University, Sion Hill
Lansdown, Bath, BA1 5SF

Laus & Henrik Kubel.
Poster promoting the 46th Laus
Awards. We are proud to be one
of 46 designers* selected for this
prestigeous design commission.
* James Goggin
Milton Glaser
Bruno Monguzzi
Christoph Niemann
Paul Sahre
Graphic Thought Facility
Mark Farrow
Patrick Thomas
Matt Willey

Henrik is giving a lecture:
28 November, 2015 at 14:00
at the Postgraduate, CAS Type
Design course.

AGI Biel.
Annual Members Poster
commission featuring New Grotesk
+ Round fonts. Design by

4-page Interview by Peter Gyllan
with Henrik Kubel of A2-TYPE
in leading German design magazine
Novum. 07.17.
The Independent
Newspaper, Moscow Metro signing
fonts and The New York Times
Magazine custom font commissions
are discussed and featured in
great detail.

Made North Conference 18 June
2015. Invisible Design.
Henrik Kubel is speaking about
his work with Margaret Calvert:
New Transport, New Rail Alphabet,
Moscow Sans. Other speakers
include Deyan Sudjic, Ben Terrett
and Corin Mellor. Read more here

Henrik Kubel has been appointed
a member of the esteemed teaching
team at Type@Paris.
1st July: Henrik will be giving a talk
about his type and design work.
Please click the logo to read further
details or to reserve your ticket.

Henrik Kubel is speaking in Japan,
at the prestigeous Type
Directors Club at Design Forum
"TDC DAY". 6 hours marathon
forum by prize winners and guest
speakers. 12:30 - 6:30pm, Sunday,
April 5. Venue: 1F Hall, DNP Gotanda
Bldg. 3-5-20 Nishi-Gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8001
Reservation required, first-come
first-served basis. Booking and

January 2015: Henrik Kubel has
been awarded the prestigious
KVE Award from Designmuseum
Denmark. There will be an official
reception 11 February 2015 at
the museum in Copenhagen and
a short presentation of Henrik's
type work. All welcome!

Commissioned poster
(featuring A2's New Grotesk Round
ONE typeface) for UK based
illustrator Paul Davis' exhibition
at Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo,
February 2015.
20 of Paul's friends
were asked to design a poster
for his show. The poster measures
1030 x 728mm and will be displayed
in the gallery. Photography by
Katherine Rose. Assisted by
Emily Robertson. Quote by Adrian

The Danish Agency for Higher
Education has appointed Henrik
as external examiner for
assessments at The Royal Danish
Academy of Fine Arts, School
of Architecture; The Kolding School
of Design; and the Aarhus School
of Architecture. Kubel will hold
the position until 2018.

Our Amplify brand typeface has
been honored with a New York
Type Directors Club TYPEFACE
The Amplify
fonts are based on our Outsiders
font. The project was art directed
by Graham Clifford and Co Collective
in New York.

Communication Arts
The Amplify Family; Light, Regular
and Bold has been accepted into
the prestigeous Communication
Arts 2014 Typography Annual.

Henrik will be speaking about
New Transport™ at this years ATYPI
Type conference in Amsterdam.
Sat 12 October at 11:25 o'clock.

Eye Archive Night at ATypI 2013
The guest speakers
include designer Joost Grootens,
Mathieu Lommen, Dutch design
legend Irma Boom, Marina Chaccur,
Experimental Jetset and type
designer Henrik Kubel. The event
will be chaired by Eye editor
John L. Walter

New Transport
John Morgan has chosen
New Transport as part of PANORAMA
— A landscape of graphic works
from 2012 May 25 / June 10
24th International Poster and Graphic
design Festivalof Chaumont

March 2013
A2-TYPE fonts are now available
as web fonts from Fontdeck.
Click here to see more

Henrik will be speaking at SVA,
School of Visual Arts in New York
City at the end of February.
New fonts and design commissions
will be discussed in his lecture.

We are proud to announce
our collaboration with Fontdeck.
Battersea SLAB is our first typeface
to be hosted as a web font by
Fontdeck. Many more typefaces
from our library including new
fonts to come.

New Rail Alphabet is featured in
SLANTED Magazine #18 — Signage
and orientation issue.

Cooper-Hewitt: Wicked Problems
in Type Design:
Six leading and
emerging voices in the field of type
design talk about problems central
to their work. Speakers include:
Philippe Apeloig, William Berkson,
Hubert Jocham, Henrik Kubel,
Jeremy Mickel & Jesse Ragan.
Moderated by Ellen Lupton and
Cara Di Edwardo.

New Grotesk
font is used on the
front cover of The New York Times
Book Review. Illustration by:

eye magazine #82 — Typography
Special — is featuring our typefaces
Aveny-T for headlines and Antwerp
for body copy throughout the
magazine. Commercial Type's
beautiful Marian font is on the
front cover.

29 March, 2012. The Typographic
Circle: Bruno Maag, Freda Sack,
Henrik Kubel, Phil Baines and
Simon Dixon
will each give a short
introduction on what inspires them,
followed by a lively and informative
debate with questions from
the audience.

27 March, 2012 — Stencil lettering
workshop at BA (Hons) Graphic
Bath School of Art and Design.
Bath Spa University, Sion Hill
Lansdown, Bath, BA1 5SF

Graphic Design: Now in Production
Walker Art Center, October 22,
2011 — January 22, 2012
+ Cooper-Hewitt, National Design
Museum, New York, June —
October, 2012.
Our Slab serif
typeface for text;
FM (5 weights
+ Italics) + Specimen has been
selected for this great exhibition
curated by Ellen Lupton,
Ian Albinson, Andrew Blauvelt,
Jeremy Leslie, Armin Vit and
Bryony Gomez-Palacio. Click
images to read more

A great feature on some of our corporate typefaces.
Click image to read more

More Fonts

We have teamed up with to release
even more type! so if you can't
find what you are looking for
on the A2-TYPE site then please