A2 Standard

Text, Display, Sans, Condensed, X Condensed, Splash & Engraved. ADVANCED

A2-Standard is a collection of fonts commissioned by the Evening Standard* as part of their 2017/18 redesign. The bespoke font system comprises; Serif Text, Display, Sans, Sans Condensed & Extra Condensed with a special ‘Splash' font for front pages. A total of 58 interconnected fonts. Evening Standard is a free daily newspaper, published in 850.000 copies Monday to Friday in tabloid format in London. It is the dominant local evening paper for London and the surrounding area, with coverage of national and international news and City of London finance.


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  • SPLASH Light

  • SPLASH Medium

  • SPLASH Bold

  • SPLASH Extrabold

  • SPLASH Black

  • Engraved Bold

  • Text Light

  • Text Light Italic

  • Text Regular

  • Text Italic

  • Text Medium

  • Text Medium Italic

  • Text Bold

  • Text Bold Italic

  • Text Extrabold

  • Text Extrabold Italic

  • Text Black

  • Text Black Italic

  • Display Light

  • Display Light Italic

  • Display Regular

  • Display Italic

  • Display Medium

  • Display Medium Italic

  • Display Bold

  • Display Bold Italic

  • Display Extrabold

  • Display Extrabold Italic

  • Display Black

  • Display Black Italic

  • Sans Thin

  • Sans Thin Italic

  • Sans Light

  • Sans Light Italic

  • Sans Regular

  • Sans Italic

  • Sans Medium

  • Sans Medium Italic

  • Sans Bold

  • Sans Bold Italic

  • Sans Extrabold

  • Sans Extrabold Italic

  • Sans Heavy

  • Sans Heavy Italic

  • Sans Cond Thin

  • Sans Cond Light

  • Sans Cond Regular

  • Sans Cond Medium

  • Sans Cond Bold

  • Sans Cond Extrabold

  • Sans Cond Heavy

  • Sans XCond Thin

  • Sans XCond Light

  • Sans XCond Regular

  • Sans XCond Medium

  • Sans XCond Bold

  • Sans XCond Extrabold

  • Sans XCond Heavy

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