5 font categories, 57 fonts. ADVANCED

Nuacht (News) is a series of interconnected, versatile fonts designed for the Irish Independent newspaper as part of their 2018 redesign. The font system comprises: Serif for long read, Display for headlines, Sans for captions, with Condensed and X Condensed variations for the Sports section and General Information Graphics. The Serif fonts draw inspiration from calligraphic ink lettering and early metal type samples of SB Times Roman, and complimented by a ‘Humanistic’ Sans with an industrial character. Variable fonts available on request. A printed typeface specimen is available here.


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  • Serif Text Regular

  • Serif Text Regular Italic

  • Serif Text Book

  • Serif Text Book Italic

  • Serif Text Medium

  • Serif Text Medium Italic

  • Serif Text SemiBold

  • Serif Text SemiBold Italic

  • Serif Text Bold

  • Serif Text Bold Italic

  • Serif Headline Light

  • Serif Headline Light Italic

  • Serif Headline Regular

  • Serif Headline Regular Italic

  • Serif Headline Book

  • Serif Headline Book Italic

  • Serif Headline Medium

  • Serif Headline Medium Italic

  • Serif Headline SemiBold

  • Serif Headline SemiBold Italic

  • Serif Headline Bold

  • Serif Headline Bold Italic

  • Serif Headline ExtraBold

  • Serif Headline ExtraBold Italic

  • Serif Headline Black

  • Serif Headline Black Italic

  • Sans Thin

  • Sans Light

  • Sans Light Italic

  • Sans Regular

  • Sans Regular Italic

  • Sans Medium

  • Sans Medium Italic

  • Sans SemiBold

  • Sans SemiBold Italic

  • Sans Bold

  • Sans Bold Italic

  • Sans ExtraBold

  • Sans ExtraBold Italic

  • Sans Black

  • Sans Black Italic

  • Sans Cond Thin

  • Sans Cond Light

  • Sans Cond Regular

  • Sans Cond Medium

  • Sans Cond SemiBold

  • Sans Cond Bold

  • Sans Cond ExtraBold

  • Sans Cond Black

  • Sans XCond Thin

  • Sans XCond Light

  • Sans XCond Regular

  • Sans XCond Medium

  • Sans XCond SemiBold

  • Sans XCond Bold

  • Sans XCond ExtraBold

  • Sans XCond Black

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