Regular X + XL

7 Weights + Italics in each style. 28 fonts. ADVANCED / PRO

Regular X is a carefully restored cut of our geometric font Regular, designed over a decade ago! Regular X features adjusted and refined proportions, with a new single-storey ‘a’ as default (the legacy double-storey ‘a’ is still in the font) plus a ‘dot r’ as a quirky alternative! We also engineered a matching set of ‘large x-height’ fonts for small point sizes (Regular XL) and a complete set of friendly looking ‘soft’ fonts! Regular X, XL + Regular X Soft, Regular XL Soft is now available for further decades of fun and thoughtful application across all media! Design note: The double-storey a (legacy font) is available as an OT Feature: Stylistic Set 01. SS02 = dot r! The font pairs really well with its sister: Regular Slab — Please email if you require the legacy version of our Regular fonts.

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  • X Light

  • X Light Italic

  • X Regular

  • X Regular Italic

  • X Medium

  • X Medium Italic

  • X SemiBold

  • X SemiBold Italic

  • X Bold

  • X Bold Italic

  • X ExtraBold

  • X ExtraBold Italic

  • X Black

  • X Black Italic

  • XL Light

  • XL Light Italic

  • XL Regular

  • XL Regular Italic

  • XL Medium

  • XL Medium Italic

  • XL SemiBold

  • XL SemiBold Italic

  • XL Bold

  • XL Bold Italic

  • XL ExtraBold

  • XL ExtraBold Italic

  • XL Black

  • XL Black Italic

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Copenhagen Ceramics. Brand identity + Publication design by A2/SW/HK

Copenhagen Ceramics. Brand identity + Publication design by A2/SW/HK

Bend, Bubble and Shine. Exhibition catalogue for Hostler Burrows New York & Los Angeles. Design by A2/SW/HK, 2020