Regular Soft X + XL

7 Weights + Italics in each style. 28 fonts. ADVANCED / PRO

Regular X Soft + Regular XL Soft is a carefully designed variation of our geometric font Regular X + Regular XL (large x-height – Recommended for small text and micro setting). These friendly looking fonts are ideal for sophisticated brands across all markets and media! Design note: The font pairs really well with its sister font: Regular Slab.

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  • X Soft Light

  • X Soft Light Italic

  • X Soft Regular

  • X Soft Regular Italic

  • X Soft Medium

  • X Soft Medium Italic

  • X Soft SemiBold

  • X Soft SemiBold Italic

  • X Soft Bold

  • X Soft Bold Italic

  • X Soft ExtraBold

  • X Soft ExtraBold Italic

  • X Soft Black

  • X Soft Black Italic

  • XL Soft Light

  • XL Soft Light Italic

  • XL Soft Regular

  • XL Soft Regular Italic

  • XL Soft Medium

  • XL Soft Medium Italic

  • XL Soft SemiBold

  • XL Soft SemiBold Italic

  • XL Soft Bold

  • XL Soft Bold Italic

  • XL Soft ExtraBold

  • XL Soft ExtraBold Italic

  • XL Soft Black

  • XL Soft Black Italic

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'Regular Soft' is a geometric sans serif typeface inspired by the popular hot metal fonts; Memphis; Karnak; Stymie, Scarab and Paul Renner’s Futura. Regular Soft is firmly rooted within this modernist tradition, albeit with a contemporary twist. ‘Regular Soft’ has been designed to work exceptionally well in print and screen; for example, at large point sizes the typeface’s quirks and personality are clear, while at smaller point sizes the font is supremely legible and crisp. ‘Regular Soft’ is both easy to read, and distinctive. The font has a carefully crafted weight range with corresponding italic styles.