5 Weights + Italics. ADVANCED

Afterall Serif, is a concise family of bespoke fonts originally created for Afterall Journal (2003-), and One Work series (2006-), as part of A2/SW/HK's extensive redesign. Afterall Serif was conceived and designed primarily as a text font; with particular focus given to use in long-form features and essays. The typeface is highly readable; creating a balanced impression on the printed page, but with a distinctive voice, with subtle quirks and flourishes, noticeable when used at larger point sizes.This font family is a key component of the Afterall brand, and used across the publishers’ various platforms.


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Afterall Issue 37 cover detail. Design and Art Direction by A2/SW/HK

Afterall One Work books. Design and Art Direction by A2/SW/HK

Selection of Afterall Journal covers. Design and Art Direction by A2/SW/HK

Afterall Issue 37. Detail. Design and Art Direction by A2/SW/HK