A2-TYPE is a division of A2/SW/HK Limited

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7739 4249
Email: info at a2-type.co.uk

Registered in England and Wales. No. 5406498

Registered Office:
5 Cotton's Gardens
London E2 8DN
United Kingdom

Reseller / Font agent / Font broker: We do not allow for a third party to negotiate font contracts or licenses of any of A2-TYPE fonts for clients on behalf of A2-TYPE. We do not offer or work with font brokers or font reselling agents in any way or form. Clients or their respective design / brand agency managers must obtain font licenses directly from A2-TYPE.

Fonts for logos, brand marks and custom lettering:
 You are not permitted to use any of our fonts, individual letters or glyphs extracted from the font file(s) for logos, logotypes, brand marks or any kind of custom lettering. If you would like to create a logo, logotype, brand mark or any kind of custom lettering from one of our fonts, then please get in contact, and we can work with you to achieve your goal. We can craft custom designs based on our existing fonts, or invent new fonts and letter designs to suit a client brief.