11 Weights. ADVANCED

Designed for the Faber & Faber series of book covers ‘Samuel Beckett Complete Works’. This face originates from machine-cut era wood type, characterised by a hard edge that creates immediate impact on any surface. The font family was reimagined and adjusted between 2016—17 and re-released in October 2017, containing a total of 11 styles, from Extralight to Heavy. The matching A2 Beckett Round is now available! A soft and friendly choice for any media. Please note: If you have purchased the legacy version of this font (2010—October 2017) and require webfonts or additional styles for this discontinued version of the font, then please email.

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  • Extralight

  • Light

  • Regular

  • Book

  • Medium

  • Semibold

  • Demibold

  • Bold

  • Extrabold

  • Black

  • Heavy

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Samuel Beckett, complete works, 2009—2010, Published by Faber & Faber, London. Cover design & bespoke typefaces by A2/SW/HK