Grot12 Normal

7 Weights + Italics. ADVANCED

Anchored in the Industrial Revolution, and partly inspired by the renowned Stephenson Blake series of Grotesque fonts from this era, Grot12 is the follow up to our Grot10 family released in 2010 (only available upon request). Grot12 has been designed in 3 widths: Grot12 ExtendedGrot12 Normal and Grot12 Condensed. This family of interconnected fonts is available in a range of weights: Thin to Black, including Italics – a total of 42 styles.


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  • Thin

  • Thin Italic

  • Light

  • Light Italic

  • Regular

  • Italic

  • Medium

  • Medium Italic

  • Semibold

  • Semibold Italic

  • Bold

  • Bold Italic

  • Black

  • Black Italic

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Source material / Inspiration

Source material / Inspiration