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Merk Pix is inspired by the Dollfus-Mieg & Cie ‘Merk Stich’ instruction alphabet for linen stitching. The original specimen page features a limited character set of uppercase letters only. We used our imagination to create the matching lowercase letters, numbers, sorts, and everything else! This handmade gem has now been engineered into a contemporary Sans typeface in multiple styles. Check MERK DOT: an associated dot font available in 3 weights, Light, Medium, and Bold.

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AGI Congress Trieste 18–23.9.2022

Poster contribution for this years AGI Special member project 'Together' featuring our latest typeface release MERK PiX! In these extraordinary times we all firmly believe that the AGI Congress is the one opportunity for AGI members to meet, share ideas, talk about design – and think back to the future! As citizens of the world we joined our efforts throughout the global pandemic to make the long-awaited AGI Congress in Italy happen. CHECK OUT THE CONFERENCE HERE !