PRISMAX is a contemporary 5-line humanist font for headlines and large point size use. Our design was inspired by the infamous PRISMA alphabet by Rudolf Koch (1931) and also by Akihiko Seki's AKI LINES font (1970/72) – Famously used for Microsoft's logotype in 1975. The grading of lines gives words an extra dimension and create a sophisticated look when used well. Multiple inter-locking ligatures adds typographic flavour – Check out these combinations: OC OG DO OO HD HE HH HK HM HN HP ME NE NH NN NNE & NP. PRISMAX follows a long tradition of 'optical' and 'multi-line' alphabets, many of these designs found fame in the 70's and all of them can be traced back to RK's PRISMA font created almost a century ago! You may also want to check out our 'optical' experimental headline font Eyes Lies created in 2004.

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