5 Weights + Italics. ADVANCED / PRO

Reg.Modn — Historical, Modern, Geometric, Legible, New — Inspired by our A2 Regular, Schwiss & London typefaces, we created a new, stylish variant that oozes history, yet feels modern at the same time! Variable fonts are available for both the Roman (upright styles) and Italic styles, containing the predefined weights: Regular, Medium, Bold, ExtraBold & Black, and anything in-between. The variable font format [ GX / TTF ] is ideal for designers and digital platforms seeking to use a complete, all-encompassing font system. A separate Logotype / word mark license applies. Please enquire within.


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  • Regular

  • Regular Italic

  • Medium

  • Medium Italic

  • Bold

  • Bold Italic

  • ExtraBold

  • ExtraBold Italic

  • Black

  • Black Italic

Licence information

Contact us if you require any other type of licence.

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