7 Weights + Italics. ADVANCED

Inspired by French Renaissance era type and traditional broad-nib calligraphy Register* is a family of versatile serif typefaces crafted with today’s designer & editorial art director in mind. The typeface launched exclusively, as a proprietary face for A2/SW/HK’s award winning redesign of the premier photography magazine, ‘Aperture’ in spring 2013. Selected styles, and variations thereof, have since been customised for ‘Art Quarterly’ magazine, ‘The Sunday Times Magazine’ (UK) and became a reference point for the design of A2’s Independent newspaper fonts.


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  • * Semibold Italic

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All images courtesy of A2/SW/HK

Reflecting Home publication. Laura Stamer, 2015. Art Direction, bespoke typeface and design by A2/SW/HK

Design and Art Direction by A2/SW/HK

Design and Art Direction by A2/SW/HK