7 Weights + Italics. ADVANCED

Register* font follows on from Kubel’s Antwerp font (2011), Register* has French Renaissance type and traditional broad-nip pen calligraphy as a starting point. Ideal for Magazine & Editorial Art Directors. Background information: The font launched exclusively, as a proprietary face for A2/SW/HK's extensive redesign of Premier Photography Magazine: Aperture in February 2013. Selected styles have since been customised for ‘Art Quarterly’ and most recently for The Sunday Times Magazine in London. Register* was the starting point for A2-TYPE’s award winning Independent newspaper fonts...


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All images courtesy of A2/SW/HK

Reflecting Home publication. Laura Stamer, 2015. Art Direction, bespoke typeface and design by A2/SW/HK

Design and Art Direction by A2/SW/HK

Design and Art Direction by A2/SW/HK