Sunday Clarendon

7 Weights + Italics. ADVANCED

Bold, mechanical and imposing, Sunday Clarendon is an elegant slab serif font designed to make an impact. Sunday Clarendon has been crafted with editorial platforms in mind; offering a distinct voice for headlines, standfirsts, pull-quotes and body copy. Available in a wide range of weights, from a delicate 'Thin' to a robust 'Black'.


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  • Thin

  • Thin Italic

  • Light

  • Light Italic

  • Regular

  • Italic

  • Medium

  • Medium Italic

  • Semibold

  • Semibold Italic

  • Bold

  • Bold Italic

  • Black

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Institutional Investor Magazine. Art directed by Ed Johnson. Masthead design by A2-TYPE based on our Sunday Clarendon font. The Sunday Clarendon fonts are used masterfully throughout the magazine for headlines and pull quotes.