Independent Sans

5 Weights + Italics. ADVANCED

The Independent font family is a comprehensive suite of typefaces designed in 2013 for The Independent newspaper’s daily print and digital editions. The fonts were conceived and designed as a set of interconnected typefaces – sharing the same proportions and underlying structure – to create a coherent and balanced type family. In addition to the three master sets (Serif, Sans & Condensed), a special Serif Headline cut has been designed for display setting, a version of which is used for the newspaper’s masthead. Recently Sans Stencil and Slab fonts were added to the family to cater for a wider range of applications. The typeface was awarded a yellow pencil from D&AD in 2014, and the Typeface Design prize at the Tokyo Type Directors Club awards in 2015.


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Designers: Matt Willey, Dan Barber, Stephen Petch, Gordon Smith, Nick Donaldson. Photo editors: Sophie Batterbury, Lee Martin. Layout subs: Stuart Henderson, Jullian Hills, Martyn Kent, Siobhan Norton, Matt Hryciw, Richard Blackmore, Sara Case. Graphics: Cath Levett, John Bradley, Rob Brooks, John Papasian. Read more on Creative Review's Blog